The name Sacred Salt is the expression of my feelings towards all of life and food especially. The abundance of plant foods which we have been gifted by our generous God are full of life, light, and beauty and should be appreciated, enjoyed, and celebrated. I believe meals should be eaten mindfully with peace and gratitude...not rushed and not just to be full. There is a sacredness about sitting down to eat a meal prepared with care and intention, whether alone or with others. The gift of a meal, any meal, should be regarded as a blessing and a privilege, for many reasons. I hope you agree!

My aim in creating and sharing recipes here is to display variety, incorporate various culinary health traditions and wisdom, as well as new knowledge and ingredients.

Here you will find recipes with a huge array of seasonal produce, whole grains, legumes, unrefined fats, limited unrefined sweeteners, nuts and seeds, plenty of herbs and spices, and occasional local, organic, and humane animal products.

My belief and encouragement for you is to do what you need to do to feel your best. If you thrive off of plants and plants alone, wonderful. If your body seeks nourishment from animal fats and proteins, that's only natural and good. But, I encourage you to support local farmers and butchers who truly care for their animals! Let’s please put an end to factory farming.

You will also find my current thoughts and musings (about food or not) throughout the posts as well as an entire poetry section. I've crafted the site this way because I want it to be a full expression of how I see the world. I feel that food is poetry and poetry is food. The salt of life is every thought and feeling that adds meaning and goodness to the journey. And I think those little bits and pieces are sacred and worthy of being acknowledged and shared. Thus, that is what I would like to do here, if it's okay with you!

Joyful cooking, delicious eating, thoughtful living and harmonious health to you all!

*All recipes written and all photos taken by me, unless otherwise noted