My name is Allie and I am a 24 year old currently residing in New York City (Brooklyn to be exact). Growing up in Nashville, Tennessee I was surrounded by beautiful land, full of rolling hills and lovely little valleys. It’s curious how I’ve landed in New York because I need greenery and plants more than I need food sometimes. I dream of living on a farm someday where I can grow the things I love to eat and be friends with all sorts of creatures. But for now, I am in love with the city; a magical little mystery, it is.

I haven’t always been passionate about food and cooking, to be honest. My love for creating and eating healthful meals developed slowly but surely. I became a vegetarian at a very young age when I felt it very contradictory to be eating a hamburger when my favorite stuffed animal was a cow (he’s still with me, yes). So meat was out. But it wasn’t until high school that I began to further explore my ideas about food. I fell in love with baking, but eventually started cooking my own meals out of necessity after becoming vegan. I actually began to develop chronic health issues, despite switching to a vegan diet, and thus dove into the world of health and nutrition as well. My love of cooking grew quickly from then on as I experimented with different ways of eating that aligned with my personal studies. [Interestingly enough, I realized after 4.5 years that my health issues were not rooted in diet, but in emotional and spiritual health; a foundation that should never be neglected or disconnected from physical health. I am currently writing my healing story to share with you all!]

For a few years, this passion for food was on the side, not a focus. But I eventually decided to pursue it full on. In 2014 I attended Natural Gourmet Institute, a health-focused culinary school here in New York. It was a beautiful experience for me and opened many doors of possibilities. And that is what I’m doing now; taking advantage of the endless opportunities available in NYC. 

Yet, I have multiple passions and interests, including writing, reading, music, travel, photography, nature, animals, relationships, herbal medicine, daydreaming, etc. I can’t say I’ll work as a chef forever. I don’t want to limit myself, but rather aim to combine everything I love and let it all mesh together somehow. That is essentially what this space is about to me. A place to allow the mesh and the overflow of ideas, dreams, and experimentations. So here I am; learning as I go, taking it all in, keeping my head up so as not to miss all the possibilities. I don’t really care to be a ‘this’ or a ‘that’…I just want to be alive, in the truest sense of the word. I hope and pray that will be my story, and yours too!

Photo by Eliza Sim