Little Fig Smoothie with Rose, Cardamom, and Tahini

There are too many words I'd like to write in regards to the divinely delicious, fascinating, wise, and ancient fig. It is my favorite fruit, possibly my favorite species. I dream of writing an entire book dedicated to its heritage and history with countless cultures and cuisines. That is what this simple little smoothie is inspired by but also why I don't feel led to write much for this particular recipe.

The grandeur of the fig is somewhat removed in this smoothie, which hides all the ingredients in one creamy consistency. But, I do feel it is a compilation of many of the flavors I know the fig loves to be married with. And in that case, it feels right. Plus, it is a wonderfully tasty and nourishing treat...lusciously light yet deep with exotic flavor, silky smooth yet with a necessary crunch from added toppings. Rose builds upon the romance of the fig and brings the heart into harmony. The tahini thickens and brings an essential nuttiness and also makes this a calcium powerhouse (figs and sesame are both very high in calcium). The cardamom offers the perfect warmth to an end of summer, start of autumn treat.

But one day,  one day! I will write more. Much more. For the fig deserves it. Until then, I will keep letting it speak to me and impart all of its beautiful wisdom and knowledge from all the years it has seen and all the hands that have touched it.


Fig Smoothie with Rose, Cardamom, and Tahini

Serves 1


5 fresh or frozen figs (I used fresh figs I had recently frozen)

1/4 cup nut milk (walnut, pistachio, or almond preferred)

1/4 cup rose tea (I used Organic India's Tulsi Rose)

2 tablespoons tahini

1 teaspoon rosewater

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

1/4 teaspoon cardamom

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

Toppings (optional):

dried mulberries, dried rose petals, pistachios



Blend all ingredients together in an upright blender until smooth! Top with optional toppings and enjoy with thoughtfulness and gratitude.