Blue(berry) Lagoon (or how to glow like a mermaid from the inside out)

Splish splosh splash with my shimmering mermaid tail

I move swiftly through smooth blue waters that reflect off the pale

Edges of my childish face, shapes shifting in the tangerine sunlight

Glimmering like september sapphires, the cruel crocodile bite

Didn't hurt at all, in fact, I just shook my finger at him

And told him sternly with mean eyes to swim

Away, away!

Into the murky depths, squishy with sea moss 

Crawling with candy-colored creatures cross

Because we splashed a little too much

But we reconcile over a green and blue seaweed lunch

That's what keeps our tails aglow with hues

Mysteriously opaque yet bright like stars in the night

Dive off the rock back down down down

Twisting and turning elegantly around

They say not to swim just after you eat

But what else can you do when you don't have feet



*Recipe and poem directly inspired by the Mermaid Lagoon from Peter Pan:

*Also likely inspired by simultaneously listening to:


Blueberry Lagoon Pudding

Serves 1

With summer's sweet little blueberries, creamy dreamy white coconut butter, seductively dark black tahini, and sea-greeny-blue chlorella, this pudding is sure to make you feel like a strange, tropical creature of some preference clearly being a mermaid. Take your pick though! And in reality (whatever that is), this pudding is supercharged with hydrating, nourishing, cleansing, and energizing nutrients that do actually bring that sparkle to your cells, so eat up!


1 cup fresh blueberries

1/3 cup filtered water

1 tablespoon coconut butter

1 tablespoon black sesame seed butter

1 teaspoon chlorella powder (less  if you prefer not to taste it)

2 medjool dates (or more, to taste)

a sprinkle of dried coconut flakes and black sesame seeds for topping



1.     Combine all ingredients in a blender (preferable a single serving size to blend most effectively).

2.     Sprinkle with toppings and enjoy while watching/listening to the links below and awaiting your magical transformation!